Fl 760 радиостанция схема

fl 760 радиостанция схема
Switching between the 8.33 and the 25 K mode is therefore made effortlessly simple. This cost in not included in the total below. Antenna Cable — Usually built into the glider.

One is used for connection to 12V power, speaker, PTT, microphone, etc. The unit has proven to be a trustworthy companion for thousands of pilots flying millions of flight-hours. Выходная мощность 9 Вт (пиковая 36 Вт), 99 каналов памяти. Click on the small images to view larger versions.

Connection Diagram $280 In Stock Becker-1PM004 Gooseneck Microphone This is a very nice microphone, but I think this price is outrageous. For optimal reception it should be mounted vertically. It is flexible to allow it to conform to complex surfaces, but should be mounted so that it is as straight as possible. The AR 4201 has an intercom, panel-lighting, voltage indicator, an AF-input as well as an automatic test-routine as standard functions. The small size, low current drain, excellent quality, low voltage operation, and large, clear graphical display make it ideal.

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