Sanyo spw-c253gh5 электрическая схема

Page 84 4. Service procedures (G) Confirm and change the indoor unit address The purpose of the above function is to let you confirm the indoor unit address after the auto. address operation, and change the indoor unit address if it is needed. This section explains how to use the remote controller on the following items from (A) to (J). (A) Set service check switches. Первенец Sanyo носил название SAP-200E. Это было достаточно удачное решение, которое позволило максимально эффективно использовать производственные мощности. В дальнейшем номенклатура кондиционеров Sanyo достаточно активно развивается. Page 36: Way Valve, Solenoid Control, A) Normal Control Mode 2. Processes and functions 2-11 4-Way Valve, Solenoid Control The basic function of the 4-way valve is to direct the refrigerant in the correct direction according to the Operation Mode (COOLING or HEATING) selected.

When erasing is finished,“—-” mark appears on the controller’s display. CAUTION After checking the alarm messages, be sure to press the TEST / CHK button. Page 77 4. Service procedures Service Functions of Remote Controller From the remote controller you can control both the operation and settings of the unit as well as perform several useful service checks. Кроме того компания представляет несколько систем приточно-вытяжной вентиляции. Does compressor motor magnetic Replace the compressor contactor (52C) actuate ? motor magnetic contactor. Recheck the test items before test operation. (See 4-2-(10)) Check the indoor and outdoor unit combination (wiring). Single type?
Кроме того многие модели кондиционеров до сих пор выпускаются под логотипом Sanyo. Page 61 4. Service procedures (B) Heating b. Heating Poor heating Is setting temp. Page 64 4. Service procedures (4) LED Indication on the Outdoor Unit’s P.C.B. Ass’y If something goes wrong with the outdoor unit, LED lamps on the outdoor P.C.B. Ass’y light up to show the cause of the trouble, in addition to the Alarm message on the remote controller.

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